A new antitrust lawsuit has been filed by US Justice Department against Ticketmaster and their parent company Live Nation Entertainment.

The suit accuses the company of running an illegal monopoly over live events throughout the United States, thus squelching competition. That in turn, drives up prices for tickets.

Thirty state and district attorneys general are bringing the suit, which hopes to break up the monopoly.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco said:

Today’s announcement reflects the latest efforts by the Justice Department to combat corporate misconduct. Our fight against corporate wrongdoing includes an intense focus on anticompetitive conduct — which disadvantages consumers, workers, and businesses of all kinds. Today’s complaint alleges that Live Nation-Ticketmaster have engaged in anticompetitive conduct to cement their dominance of the live concert market and act as the gatekeeper for an entire industry. Today’s action is a step forward in making this era of live music more accessible for the fans, the artists, and the industry that supports them.

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