The Auburn Police Department received a complaint on June 30 that the mother of an 11-year-old boy found prescription Suboxone in her son’s “Happy Meal” after picking it up from the drive-through at the Center Street McDonald’s.

According to the Auburn Police facebook page the department did an extensive review of in-store video surveillance footage and by conducting employee interviews, investigators, they concluded that this incident was an accident on the part of an employee.

The investigation has determined that an employee, while preparing meals for the drive-through, had the Suboxone prescription in a shirt pocket, along with a Bic pen. The employee bent over to retrieve something from behind the counter, at which time the prescription and pen fell from the shirt pocket, landing in the “Happy Meal” box. The employee had no knowledge that the prescription was missing from the shirt until later in the shift, when the incident was brought to the store’s attention.

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