The newest members of the 2024 Country Music Hall of Fame are John Anderson, Toby Keith and James Burton.

Toby Keith, who passed away just days after voting for inductees concluded, joins as the modern era artist. John Anderson joins as the veteran era artist. James Burton was a guitarist and Elvis Presley’s band leader, enters in the recording/touring musician category.

From the Country Hall of Fame:

A steadfast force for traditionalism in country music, John Anderson has made an enduring impact with his down-home, instantly recognizable singing style and dozens of hits. Since the late 1950s, master guitarist James Burton has shaped hundreds of classic recordings—from Ricky Nelson and Merle Haggard to Elvis Presley and Emmylou Harris—with memorable licks and solos. One of the most popular artists of the last thirty years, Toby Keith wrote or co-wrote most of his material, sharing a perspective on life that was by turns tough, tender, and humorous in more than forty Top Ten hits.

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