by Jon James|

You will not find a more “Maine” eatery than Bee’s Snack Bar on Lithgow Street in Winslow. Cozy, warm, friendly, delicious. I could go on all day.

Last week, Bee’s was ravaged by the rising waters of the Kennebec River.

Much like the flood of 1987, the restaurant was inundated and forced to close. This time, there was no flood insurance…at least none a normal person could afford, unless they were somebody like Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk.

Danielle, owner of Bee’s Snack Bar

So, what happens now?

You might expect the owner to call it a day and move on to something else. You might expect that if you didn’t know Danielle Sylvester! She and her husband, Fred, are NOT ones to give up. Especially when they have a supportive community of family, friends and strangers who want them to stay put and keep a longtime and wonderful tradition alive.

Bee’s during the flood

Bee’s IS a landmark. And it will remain one…and right where it sits…as long as Danielle has anything to say about it.

I spoke with her this morning and she is simply overwhelmed with the support she’s been getting from the community.

First of all, support from the building’s landlord, Ryan Willette, has been amazing….as has help from Mike Ouellette of Carroll’s Auto Body.

The donations have been coming from all over and the work begins today, the day after Christmas, with a new furnace being installed.

Floor destroyed….new flooring donated by friends, Nick and Sasha

New flooring was donated by friends Sasha and Nick. Employees came in on their own to help clean up once the water went down…even grandson Wyatt Dutton pitched in to help and Nate and Justin Martin showed up and worked to help empty the building, completely unsolicited. These are the kinds of people that central Maine is known for…just good folks.

Other good neighbors, like Pine View Homes, are taking part in helping Bee’s reopen, too.

Because of all this help and the Sylvester’s “never give up” attitude, and love of their community, the reopening is set for THIS THURSDAY, December 28th, at 6am.

How is this possible?

When you’re good people and run an honest and beloved business, you have a lot of community support. When you have all that, anything is possible.

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