Game Warden Kris MacCabe and his K9 Morgan located a missing 58-year-old woman early this morning (July 22) near her residence in Newburgh.

Cindy Dunton, of 216 Lindsey Road in Newburgh, was found at 7:15 this morning approximately ¼ mile from her residence, with her two golden retrievers. Dunton appeared to be in good condition, and walked out with assistance before being transported to a nearby hospital as a precautionary measure.

Game Warden MacCabe and K9 Morgan had been out searching over an hour and were along a tote road this morning when Morgan struck on a scent, and started ascending a hill. Atop the hill, MacCabe and Morgan found one of Dunton’s golden retrievers. Knowing that Dunton was likely nearby, MacCabe searched the area and found Dunton and the other retriever approximately 50 feet off the tote road.

“Morgan kept picking her head up, and as we went up the hill, we met up with her dog, and I knew she had to be close by,” said MacCabe, “I started looking and listening and I could hear her talking to her other dog which led me right to her.”

Over the course of the search, over 50 searchers were looking for Dunton, including The Maine Forest Service and Maine Army National Guard searching from the air. Also assisting in the search was MESAR (Maine Search and Rescue), MESARD (Maine Search and Rescue Dogs), Maine State Police, Newburgh Fire and Rescue, and the town of Newburgh.

“I’d like to thank all who were involved in finding Cindy Dunton,” said Game Warden Lieutenant Aaron Cross, “This was an excellent example of the great work we can do when agencies work together. It seems likely Dunton was wandering through the night, and having multiple organizations working together to find her meant we found her quickly.”