Governor Janet Mills has signed legislation that enhances public safety and strengthen Maine’s mental health system while respecting Maine’s longstanding outdoor traditions.

The legislation, according to the governor, improves Maine’s extreme risk protection order law, expands checks against the National Instant Criminal Background Check System for advertised sales, and incentivizes checks for unadvertised sales.

The supplemental budget builds on initiatives in the Governor’s bill to establish an Office of Violence Prevention at the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention and strengthen Maine’s mental health system by expanding crisis receiving centers, among other important public safety and mental health initiatives.

The Governor signed the bill one day after the six-month anniversary of the tragedy in Lewiston.

Gov. Mills:

Violence is not a simple problem, nor is the remedy a single, simple measure. The measures in this law are not extreme or unusual, or a cookie cutter version of another’s state’s laws. They are practical, common-sense measures that are Maine-made and true to our culture and our longstanding traditions while meeting today’s needs. This law represents important, meaningful progress, without trampling on anybody’s rights, and it will better protect public safety by implementing reasonable reforms and by significantly expanding mental health resources. One day after the six-month anniversary of the tragedy, I am proud to say that we have taken this prudent action.

Here’s the legislation – LD 2224, “An Act to Strengthen Public Safety by Improving Maine’s Firearm Laws and Mental Health System.”

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