By Jon James|

Julia Gagnon made a final appearance on American Idol’s 22nd season last night singing a duet with Jason Mraz.

They did I Feel Like Dancing and, although it wasn’t the most dynamic performance of Julia’s songs on the show, it was, as usual, performed flawlessly with that “I’m having fun and love doing this,” attitude that has been Julia’s hallmark during the latter part of the competition.

The ultimate winner was 21-year-old Abi Carter of California who appeared every bit a seasoned star when she performed Somewhere from West Side Story as a tribute to Indio (her hometown).

Though I would have loved to see Julia go all the way, I’m certain she would contend that there were a few who deserved to take the crown but only one can win.

As for Julia, she’s going to be releasing a single soon as, JULIA. The one name will represent a collaboration with her fiancé, Nate.

Stay tuned! There’s a LOT MORE TO COME for both Julia and Abi, two super talents, to be sure!


ABI CARTER, Somewhere

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