Listen for the True Country “Key Song” of the Day at 7:20am. McCoy & Company will also tell you what hour the song will be played.

Once the songs starts, be caller 5 at 207.660.4888. The winner will be one of 30 qualifiers to join us at 
Key Appliance in Skowhegan, July 8, during their 30 th Anniversary Celebration, for the chance to win a brand new GE ProfileTM Royal Sapphire Blue Laundry Pair Washer & Dryer. (Value of $2598.00)

Qualifiers will check in starting one hour prior to the event. They will get checked in and will be assigned a number between 1 and 30 (the number will be the same as the place they qualified). We will put in 30 ping pong balls numbered 1 to 30 in a bin and we’ll eliminate numbered balls throughout the live event until there are two remaining. The next to last ball will win a second place prize (TBD) and the last ball left wins the washer and dryer. The qualifier or a 
proxy must be present to win.