The Maine Community Foundation has distributed $4,696,067 to 162 individual beneficiaries directly impacted by the Oct. 25, 2023, mass shootings in Lewiston from the Lewiston-Auburn Area Response Fund.

Eligible beneficiaries included direct heirs of murder victims, victims injured at Schemengee’s Bar & Grille or Just-in-Time Bowling during the shootings and those present at the time of the shootings.

Eligibility was determined by a protocol drafted by the Lewiston-Auburn Area Response Fund volunteer steering committee comprising local community members. The committee solicited feedback on the protocol during a public town hall in Lewiston to better understand the needs and wishes of those directly impacted by the tragedy.

Deborah Ellwood, MaineCF president and CEO:

The foundation is humbled to have helped provide a way for people around the world to contribute to victims of this horrible tragedy and the community’s road to recovery. We are grateful for the volunteer committee members who quickly and compassionately offered their time to support this effort.

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