Game Warden K9 Storm and Game Warden Chad Robertson rescued a severely hypothermic 65-year-old female who had become disoriented and lost in the woods behind her house last night, April 26.

Helen Baillie, age 65, had taken her black lab out for a walk in the woods behind her house off the Arundel Road in Kennebunkport. Helen’s husband was notified that someone had located her dog, without Helen, about a mile and half from their home. He immediately called 911, and told Kennebunkport Police that his wife was missing.


Local police searched the roads and immediate area but were unable to locate Helen, and notified the Maine Warden Service. Game Wardens arrived, and were able to determine the GPS coordinates and approximate location of Helen’s phone, and then game wardens Emerson Duplissie-Cyr and Tyler Harhart were able to find her phone in the woods, abandoned approximately 500 yards from the house. The pair looked and called for Helen in the immediate area, but when they couldn’t find her, they went back to bring a Warden K9 unit to the area.

K9 Storm and Game Warden Chad Robertson began searching in the general area where the cell phone was located a little before midnight, and K9 Storm air scented Helen and then found her at 12:15 a.m., approximately 100 yards away from where the phone was, and over 500 yards from the house.

Helen had discarded some of her clothes when she was found, she was soaked from walking through the boggy woods, and was shaking vigorously from the cold, as temperatures were in the low 40’s. She also was disoriented, and had difficulty speaking.

Game Warden Robertson gave Helen his shirt, and Game Warden Harhart gave her his jacket, and the Game Wardens were able to assist her in walking out of the woods and take her to a waiting Kennebunkport Fire/EMS ambulance, where she was warmed up, then taken to the hospital for further examination.

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