Schools in Lewiston went on as scheduled today, October 23, after a threat directed at Lewiston High School.

A screenshot with threatening language was shared and reposted on social media Sunday by a 10-year-old from the Midwest.

From Superintendent Lewiston Public Schools, Jake Langlais:

We would like to share what we are able to share regarding the posts that circulated last night. Multiple Administrators, staff, and Lewiston Police Department began immediately collaborating to find out the source of the messaging. Through this collaborative effort, unique knowledge of students, systems, and law enforcement strategies the origin of the messaging was identified. We worked with authorities at that location to examine the threat, threat potential, and follow through with safety being our first effort.

Last night, the messenger was identified to be from a location hundreds of miles away and followed up with numerous items locally. The individual is 10 years old and is located in the midwest.

We are not always at liberty to share information due to legal protections, ongoing investigations, and other factors but please know that safety is what we do first. We want to thank those who reported it, the administration that helped with information throughout the night, and LPD for helping resolve the reported threat.

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