Portland, Maine has been named one of the top locations in the world to work remotely. The results come from a new report from Remote.com. “The Best Destinations for Remote Work” list Portland as the best city in the country to work from home. It’s also listed as the 7th best in the world.

The results are based on data including cost of living, inflation, quality of life, safety and more.

From Remote.com:

Some people might call this city the “Other Portland,” but this East Coast locale ranks high on many best places to live lists. Immigrant populations have increased diversity of a traditionally hard-to-reach region, so international visitors may feel more at home here than in the rest of Maine. Housing costs are on the rise in this coastal town but are still below the national average. Be ready for foggy, damp weather all year with cold, snowy winters. Maine offers a minimum $373 tax credit (up to $15,660) to college graduates who live in the state, which is a nice incentive to embrace coastal living.

See the complete results HERE.

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