By Jon James|

When you play Powerball and don’t win the jackpot, do you chuck the ticket(s) like I’ve been doing? That would be dumb.

Any gambler worth their salt knows that you need to check all possibilities before giving up on your, seemingly valueless, piece of paper, right?

I’m no dummy!

Actually, I am. In fact, the title of every how-to book I own has the words, “For Dummies,” at the end of it.

That said, I shudder to think how much moola I’ve mindlessly deep sixed over the years without regard to “other possible prizes.”

In my defense, it’s not like you can just go to a keyboard and research this stuff! Wait….what?!

I finally started looking in to “prize tiers” when I saw that there was a $1 Million winner from New Hampshire in the last drawing.

NOTE: New Hampshire is the state closest to us, according to my book, “States That Border Maine For Dummies.”

Upon seeing this, I went to a web address that’s very hard to remember…….and I learned all I needed to know.

You can win $4 just for getting one Powerball number, which I did.

You can also win $100 and more….even $1 Million like our friend in New Hampshire.

Below, I’ve posted, for all of our convenience, the prize breakdown from the Powerball website. You’re welcome.

You probably already knew this….but I didn’t. And I like to think someone else is as dumb as I am and may have thrown away, who knows how much? After all, misery (and stupidity) loves company, right?

Good luck!

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