by Jon James|

Just unbelievable…that’s MY personal reaction to Julia Gagnon’s (of Cumberland) performance last night in the second Hollywood Round.

Like me, the judges, especially Lionel Richie, it seems, were completely bowled over by the powerful performance which, if you can believe it, made Julia’s audition performance look mild, if you compare the two.

Richie DID have some criticism for Julia which surprised me. I thought the song was pretty flawless but he’s the pro. I’m just a lover of great music, what do I know?

So now, it’s on to Hawaii to see what awaits her there.

Barring any vocal problems or unforeseen issues, I’m predicting she will sail through the next round as well and, whether she is the ultimate winner of this contest or not, I’m predicting almost certain stardom for this young woman.

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