by Jon James|

I’ve checked my bank accounts and even counted the quarters I keep hidden away in a Crown Royal bag (who doesn’t do that?) and I still can’t come up with the $2,425,000. If there are any lenders reading this, I’m only $2,423,000 short and can offer the aforementioned bag of quarters as collateral!

Seriously, I’ve been a big Dan Fogelberg fan since “Power of Gold” came out in 1978, a collaboration with flutist Tim Weisberg.

The beautiful home is along the shore of Gray’s Cove off Eggemoggin Reach and was built and designed by Dan and Jean Fogelberg in 2004. Dan died of prostate cancer in 2007 at the Maine home.

If you’re interested, contact Jill Knowles at The Christopher Group LLC.

Dan Fogelberg’s former Deer Isle Home, provided by Jill Knowles of The Christopher Group, LLC…taken by Dean Tyler Photography

If you, like certain (younger) members of my family, don’t think you know any Fogelberg songs, you likely do, including:

Same Old Lang Syne, Longer, Run For The Roses, Leader of the Band, Part of the Plan and, one of my favorites, a song about Eggemoggin Reach itself, The Reach (in the video below).

From personal experience, it’s worth it to travel to Deer Isle just to cross the reach. Don’t let the bridge scare you too much…it’s not as bad as it looks!

Enjoy the song and give Deer Isle/Stonington a visit if you can…it’s a beautiful part of the state!

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