A Maine Turnpike worker escaped serious injury this morning, March 18, when a tracker trailer, half loaded with wine, sideswiped a turnpike truck. The accident occurred at 9:45am at Mile Marker 92 North in Litchfield.

According to The Maine State Police, the turnpike truck was parked in the breakdown lane with amber lights flashing. The driver and passenger had exited the vehicle to retrieve construction signs.

The crew was finished picking up trash for the day when the loaded tractor-trailer truck was northbound and drifted into the breakdown lane hitting the rumble strip. The noise alerted the workers who were able to get into the ditch safely. The tractor-trailer sideswiped the pickup and then continued into the ditch where the truck rolled over.

The truck driven by William Rodney Harrington, 59, from Hartford, Connecticut, spilled its load of wine in the ditch.

A worker from the Turnpike, Michael Robinson, 43, was hit in the leg from debris flying from the crash. He was treated at the hospital.

Harrington was also treated for minor injuries at the hospital. He was summonsed for a logbook violation and failure to move over.

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