by Jon James|

As one who wholly believes in the second amendment and the right to self-defense and self-preservation, I was thrilled to see my longtime friend and colleague, Sharon Hood of McCoy and Company, decide to learn about, obtain and safely use a handgun for protection and training.

Because she is so well spoken and well known, she is going to be telling her story, from new handgun owner to well trained protector, in her own words.

From my own experience, having written about trending gun news over the last decade, more and more women are taking self-defense and gun ownership to a new level as, often times, they are the main protector of themselves and their family. A gun is the ultimate equalizer when people, especially women, are faced with a home intrusion or attack. It’s something nobody likes to even think about but in today’s world, it’s a reality that we shouldn’t ignore.

Sharon has partnered with Audette’s Hardware in Winthrop and self-defense expert and trainer, Nate Wade, to assist her on the journey.

Yes, in addition to being a local, full service Ace Hardware store, Audette’s is a federally licensed firearms dealer with a wide selection of choices, from handguns of every size to hunting rifles, tactical rifles and shotguns…plus ammunition for them!

This first of several upcoming videos covers her first day at Audette’s gun counter as she gets ready to try a few different gun options.

The key takeaway here should be…guns are as personal as any other accessory you own. It NEEDS to feel right to the person using it, which is why you should never buy a firearm for someone else based on what YOU like.

The videos will ALL appear in this article as it will be updated regularly. The most recent will always be on top.








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